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Los buenos edificios provienen de buenas personas, y todos los problemas se resuelven mediante un buen diseño..” – Stephen Gardiner
Call GARCIA GLOBAL. Experienced specialists know how to build your dream villa, where to start construction of a small object and implementation of a large-scale project. Construction of cottages and villas is a priority direction of our company. We have repeatedly fulfilled the orders of demanding clients, and they are always satisfied with our results.
Choose what you like - a house with a translucent facade or a spacious cottage with elements of antiquity. We will select the ideal, environmentally friendly materials, assign a construction team of top-class specialists, survey the site and start building the villa.

Planning to build a villa but don't know where to start?
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The quality of our services can satisfy the most demanding customer. In our activity we are focused on the use of modern materials and equipment. The villas built by us meet all the necessary technical requirements, are characterised by reliability and fast construction time.

We perform the whole range of construction services, from geodetic works to commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

General Contractor
General Contractor
Geodetic works

Geodetic works



Monolithic works

Monolithic works

Capital construction
Capital construction

Finishing works
Finishing works
Engineering systems

Engineering systems

Site improvement

Site improvement

General Contractor
Development of technical documentation and budgeting
Preparation of estimates and financing plan
Approval of the work schedule
Construction site organisation
Integrated project management
Coordination and control of subcontractors
Optimising project solutions to budget
Work safety
Site improvement

Drainage system, drainage
Landscape design
Garden paths
Artificial ponds.
Swimming pools

Leisure areas
Car parks

Capital Construction
Preparation and obtaining of all permits for site development and construction, co-ordination with state authorities
Site development - demolition of old buildings, rubbish removal, clearing for future construction
Foundation pouring, erection of walls and floors, internal partitions, roof installation
Window and door installation

Internal finishing works, installation of plumbing and electrical equipment
Exterior finishing of the house and landscaping of the site
Cleaning in the premises and on the site, removal of construction waste from the territory of the facility
Installation of all internal communications (heat, hydro, noise insulation, electricity, supply of engineering systems to the building)
Finishing works
Polymer poured floors, "topping"
Arrangement of tiles, granite, marble, porcelain tiles, mosaics

Linoleum, PVC tiles, carpet, carpet tiles
Parquet, parquet flooring, laminate flooring
Ceramic, built-in, aluminium, MDF, MDF, PVC, carpet skirting boards
Installation of brick and block partitions
Installation of plasterboard constructions (partitions, false walls, boxes)
Machine plastering cement, cement-lime, gypsum plastering
Sandless plaster (putty)

Machine and manual painting
Decorative plaster
Decorative panel installation
Filling openings (doors, windows, sliding systems)
Walls, partitions, openings
Sandless plaster (putty)
Plasterboard ceiling
Modular ceilings (Armstrong, Grillato)
Slatted ceilings

General construction and finishing works
Replacement of water supply, sewerage and heating
Electrical networks and lighting
Installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Installation of fire safety systems
Installation of SCS, ACS, video surveillance
Facade works
Roofing works
Installation of translucent constructions, etc.
Engineering systems
Ventilation and air conditioning
Installation of fire safety systems
SCS, ACS, video surveillance systems
Water supply, sewerage and heating
Installation of lamps and chandeliers

Laying of power and low-current cables
Drilling and installation of sub-sockets
Assembly and installation of power board
Installation of sockets and switches
Installation of power connectors

Geodetic Works
Topographic surveying.

Geodetic layout.

Engineering-geodetic surveys for construction and design.
Executive geodetic survey.

Development of excavations for foundations.
Laying of engineering communications.

Backfilling of excavations and trenches.
Removal and utilisation of soil. Vertical planning of the territory.

Monolithic works

Zero-cycle works, as well as pile foundations.
Pouring of foundations of any complexity and type.

Pouring of concrete industrial floor and trenches.
Erection of monolithic frame.

About Us
About Us
At Garcia Global Construction, we are passionate about building and creating beautiful spaces. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in the construction and renovation industry. What sets us apart from our competitors is our partnership with a team of highly-skilled Ukrainian builders and designers. Their exceptional work ethic and modern design sensibilities enable us to deliver top-quality work that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
years experience
succesful projects
Our Projects

Elite residences are located at a distance of 12 km from Kyiv, Ukraine

Turnkey interior renovation

Renovation of apartments in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine

Turnkey Renovation in Elite Residential Complex in the center of Kyiv
Global construction project in Kyiv, Ukraine 2015
Refurbishment of a villa Cartagena, Spain 2014
Reinvention Townhouse Albacete, Spain 2019
Flat Overhaul Valencia, Spain 2018
Kiev, Lobanovsky Ave.
Esta es una reseña de un proyecto de piso terminado en Kiev, Ucrania
Kiev, Urbanización "Tetris Hall"
Revisión de proyectos planos
Kiev, distrito de Obolon
Una revisión de un elegante piso de dos dormitorios
Complejo residencial "Ministersky"
Vídeo de un apartamento dúplex
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