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Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.” – Stephen Gardiner
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In order to define the task during the meeting, we will jointly form a detailed specification based on your lifestyle and wishes.
In order to define the task during the meeting, we will jointly form a detailed specification based on your lifestyle and wishes.
After agreeing on the concept, we proceed with the development of the architectural and structural design.
During the meeting we will jointly form a detailed technical specification based on your lifestyle and wishes.

A unique interior of a private cottage is a "visiting" card that your guests will immediately see. Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to beautifully and presentably design a large house, making it a real mansion, which will be unrivalled in design. GARCIA DLOBAL specialists are professionals who create real masterpieces. You can order a villa project with a non-standard layout, interior design in a specific style or according to individual requirements. All calculations will be carried out within the declared norms and submitted for approval.
Features of the interior
design project
To turn a "boring" house into a masterpiece of art, requires a professional approach and coordinated work of a designer, architect and engineer. These are the modern standards by which our company works.
Interior design is often ordered in Hi-Tech style, which combines minimalism and high technology. Luxury country mansions are often built according to projects in Ethnic design. Whichever option is chosen, it undergoes thorough processing with adjustments, additions and evaluation of the results by 3D models.
Comprehensive planning of interior design of the house
Our specialists work according to modern standards and offer clients the latest innovations in architecture to develop and design the layout of all rooms of a country cottage:
Living room
Kitchen and dining room
Bedroom and nursery
Bathrooms and toilets
Garages and attics
In the execution of our specialists, the project of a modern cottage combines luxury, convenience and a high level of comfort. It is drawn up in several steps, each stage is carefully controlled and agreed with the Customer. We try to offer the best options, we work both with ready-made solutions and with adaptation or individual development of projects.
Order a design in our company and evaluate all the above advantages yourself. At the first consultation you can discuss the details of cooperation and cost, the final price depends on the amount of work and type of finishing materials.
Repair and finishing of cottages and country houses of the company "GARCIA GLOBAL" is a service that includes project creation, engineering, finishing works, selection of furniture. All stages are performed by masters of our company with extensive experience, subcontractors. Finishing of country houses is carried out under the control of the project manager, who coordinates all specialists. The result is a cosy environment for living, relaxation from the bustle of the city.
Stages of work
Interior and exterior design - creation of a design project, preparation of project documentation (electrical, water supply, heating, air conditioning, ventilation). Finishing of cottages without a project increases costs. The client may miss details, and the contractor may misunderstand it. It is difficult for installers to independently design electrics, heating, so rework may be required
Selection, purchase of materials.
Finishing of country houses - the construction of partitions, plastering walls, electrical installation, installation of air conditioners, installation of heating, water supply, the device sand-cement screed, installation of plasterboard structures, tile laying, painting, flooring, installation of skirting boards, faience, sockets, lighting devices.
Selection, purchase, delivery of furniture.
The interior of a home consists of three main types of finishes:
Installation of engineering networks (works, equipment, consumables) - this type of finishing works includes water supply system, heating system, internal electric lighting system and power equipment. Please note that low-current systems, ventilation and air conditioning is calculated separately.
Draft finishing - this type of finishing works includes the device of internal partitions (Regarding the selected type of partitions, we proceed to their installation. Partitions are erected from ceramic block, brick, foam block, pazogrebnevye plates, plasterboard). Arrangement of boxes, ceilings from GKL. Levelling of surfaces (Levelling of walls, slopes and ceiling in zero. Plastering). Arrangement of floor screed (We clean the floor from debris and dust, with the help of a laser level carry out horizontal markings, glue around the perimeter of the damping tape, lay waterproofing, install beacons and pour the mortar).
Finishing - this type of finishing works includes preparation of surfaces for finishing (puttying), tiling works, painting works (painting of walls and ceiling, wallpapering with selection of pattern and without, application of decorative plaster, etc.), laying of floor coverings. ), laying of floor coverings, installation of doors, skirting boards and mouldings, installation of sanitary ware (baths, showers, sinks, mixers), installation of electrical fittings and lighting fixtures, cleaning of construction waste, handing over the object to the Customer.
In "GARCIA GLOBAL" you can order exterior finishing of a country house, which includes modernisation of the building facade. When choosing materials for cladding, specialists proceed from the client's preferences and budget. Specialists will make a detailed plan of calculations, design project, agree the documentation with the customer. The cost of repair and finishing of cottages depends on: Expenses for payment of works (rough, finishing, plumbing, electrical, special installation works). Materials (rough, finish, for plumbing, electrical work), furniture. Organisational costs (delivery, unloading of materials, removal, rubbish removal, furniture assembly).
GARCIA GLOBAL is a signpost to the world of unique luxury flat design. Our services include the possibility of transforming any interior of a room with different purposes. Design is the moment during which the uniqueness and originality of the dwelling appears in the interior. Developing elite flat design, our company is always focused on the wishes and ideas of the customer. Only in this way we will create an interior design that fully meets its purpose, as well as the needs of the client.
Elite design of cottages and country houses - this is an area in which our designers have extensive experience. In any work we always achieve the best quality. Our company is responsible for each work carried out, so we are not afraid to give guarantees for excellent final result.
The main advantage of "GARCIA GLOBAL" over other companies is the complex provision of services, because the company takes care of all the project management: collects all the necessary documents for the start of repair and approval of redevelopment, develops all engineering projects, deals with coordination with regulatory authorities, selects appropriate materials, organises their delivery, performs all construction works and puts the object into operation. Working with GARCIA GLOBAL, you will save your time, money and nerves, and as a result you will receive exclusive architectural solutions and high-quality turnkey construction works.

About Us
About Us
At Garcia Global Construction, we are passionate about building and creating beautiful spaces. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in the construction and renovation industry. What sets us apart from our competitors is our partnership with a team of highly-skilled Ukrainian builders and designers. Their exceptional work ethic and modern design sensibilities enable us to deliver top-quality work that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
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Elite residences are located at a distance of 12 km from Kyiv, Ukraine

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Reinvention Townhouse Albacete, Spain 2019
Flat Overhaul Valencia, Spain 2018
Kiev, Lobanovsky Ave.
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